The Sound of Marantz

"The Sound of Marantz is the compelling warmth of a Stradivarius. It is a dancing flute, a haughty bassoon and the plaintive call of a lone French horn. The Sound of Marantz is the sound of beauty, and Marantz equipment is designed to bring you the subtle joy of its delight. Wonderful adventures in sound await you when you discover that the Sound of Marantz is the sound of music at its very best."

--From Marantz 2230 Manual

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They just don't build 'em like they used to. These older receivers are well known for their warm sound and extreme overbuild. Today's stuff just can't touch them. In fact, you still see these receivers holding their value today.

What you may not know, is that these receivers once restored look and sound absolutely amazing! The cost of buying another 30 years of amazing sound and trouble-free operation is minimal considering the quality, power and longevity that these receivers possess.

Robert Bowdish started this website after being blown away by the improvement in sound after recapping and resoldering his 2235B model. I was equally blown away hearing restorations Robert did, and the information on this site got me going on doing my own. Years later, I bought the company.


If you are interested in hearing your Marantz the way it was originally designed to sound, and have a beautiful retro receiver in your audio cabinet, you have come to the right place.

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